Statement from Ismael Chamu

I was racially profiled and taunted. It didn’t matter that I attend the number one public University in the world UC Berkeley, or that I am one of the youngest substitute teachers for the West Contra Costa Unified School, or that I hold a certificate for multilingual proficiency by the state of California. In the eyes of these police officers I was nothing but a suspicious looking Mexican in a Upper Class White Neighborhood. I was humiliated by the police department for “not speaking English” , I was taunted by an Alameda County Sheriff for being Mexican , I was called a “little bean”.

I want people to know that racial profiling is well and alive. No matter how Progressive or how Liberal, you are not safe in your own brown skin. Our community is here to protect us and that is who I am with. Also take note that Black and Brown narratives will always try to be dismantled in every way, they will try to criminalize you in every way possible to justify the mistreatment. I will not tolerate that and that is why I tell my story. I am innocent, I made no crime, I have no charges. I simply walked while Brown.

Thank you, Ismael, for sharing with us! We honor your strength, your words, and your spirit. Las Cerebronas stand by you because la raza unida jamás será vencida!

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